“This video…shed my tears. I’ve never cried during a YouTube short before”. “It reminds me so much of my first girlfriend”. “This video’s so sweet! It made my day”. These are just a few of real comments made by satisfied viewers of numerous, beautiful and extraordinary video clips posted on YouTube. Typical people whom you might find across the street. People who lead normal, average lives. People who love watching these clips during their free time. Not video critics who mostly rate the clip from a professional, depersonalised point of view.

BiteSized Clips was created with a simple mission, to be committed to expressing Ordinary thoughts, on Extraordinary clips. Like many people around the world, I too love watching short videos on YouTube whenever I have spare time, and telling my friends about the latest viral video or a clip that has put a smile on my face. BiteSized Clips serves as a medium for me to share my passion with the world, not as a professional film critic, but rather from a personal point of view. I share with you these clips simply because they have made me laugh and cry in the short timespan of 15 minutes. Because they have set me thinking. Because they touch on relatable matters, stuff that I, and many of us have been through. I share them with you as if I were a friend, who has enjoyed watching a video and just wants you to share a part of the laughter, tears and insights that the video has given him.

BiteSized Clips
Ordinary Thoughts on Extraordinary Clips.


6 responses to “About

  1. Man, reading and watching all those.. those stories are indeed beautiful! :’)
    Love your work here.. Some of the stuff actually makes me relate it to my life. A big “thank you”! 🙂

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