Does Distance Really Make Hearts Fonder?- Unfold Part 2

Let’s see…to date I have written my thoughts on 3 short films about love and relationships. It’s funny when I think of it- and this wasn’t planned, totally coincidental- the first post, Unfold Part 1 was about best friends falling in love. The second, Say Goodbye covered the topic of best friends, who had something more going on between them, sharing a tearful goodbye at the airport, soon to be separated by thousands of miles. And now, the third tells the story of former best friends who experience the difficulties of being in a long-distance relationship.


Having so thoroughly enjoyed Unfold part 1, I just had to check out Part 2. You know what they say- usually sequels are never really as good as the original. Maybe it’s because of the high expectations ploughed on them by the popularity of the original film, but boy, this one won’t disappoint you. Unfold part 2 continues the story about Anne and Daniel, the best friends turned lovers.


We follow Anne as she travels to Melbourne, where Daniel is attending university, to try and start afresh with him. They had been maintaining a long-distance relationship ever since Daniel decided to pursue his studies overseas, but it came to an all too sudden end over a phone call when Anne decided at the spur of the moment that she wanted to move on, since things weren’t working out the way she thought it would be.


Unfold part 2 shows us the struggles that couples have to endure when they no longer can enjoy as much time together as before. It addresses a widely asked question: “Does absence make the heart fonder?” I guess it gives us both sides of the answer. Yes, distance makes couples miss each other dearly. Suddenly, their time together becomes limited, and it makes them cherish each other a lot more.

But unfortunately, with distance also comes greater insecurity. As our lives are less intertwined than before, we begin to wonder what our other half has been doing and sometimes, the level of trust drops. When phone calls are not answered and there is no communication for an extended period, alarm bells ring and problems inevitably develop.

Insecurity is not the only problem, though. We often rely on our other half for emotional support. He or she is someone whom you can always turn to when faced with problems and fears. But what happens when your contact is now limited to a few daily phone calls? Would hearing her voice over the phone suffice, when you have gotten so used to pouring out your sorrows and grievances to her in person? Worse, if your other half happens to be uncontactable at a time when you need him/her most.
(Read till this point unless you don’t want to watch the film. Spoilers Ahead!)

Many of the above issues are addressed in the film. Anne and Daniel go through the typical struggles of long distance relationships, but the film seeks to deliver the message that both parties must continue trying in spite of all the problems faced. When Anne told Daniel that she couldn’t bear it any longer and wanted to move on, a breakup wouldn’t have occurred if Daniel made an effort to save their relationship. Likewise, they would not have started anew if Anne had not specially flown over to Melbourne in a bid to sort things out.


Having said that, it’s interesting that unlike most other stories, the female is always the one taking the first step here. Notice that Anne took the initiative to break up over the phone, visit Melbourne, arrange to meet up with Daniel via text messaging, and suggest starting anew. The male, in this case, merely responds to the female’s actions.

Unfold part 2 is more than just an account of the struggles that long-distance couples face. It also shows that as long as someone is willing to continue to try and make things right, problems CAN be solved, no matter how deep they may be. Regardless of whether you are separated from your partner because he/she is studying/working overseas or owing to mandatory military service. (like many young couples in Singapore)


On a final note, I absolutely love the way the paper crane is used as a symbol of Anne and Daniel’s love in both parts of the Unfold series. A truly enjoyable and touching film that all couples shouldn’t miss watching together!

Catch this enchanting film by JinnyboyTV, and listen to its soundtrack below.

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