Bidding Farewell to Someone Dear- Say Goodbye

There are many dozens of Youtube short films that depict love stories. I guess there is no other genre or theme that people can better relate to. However, it’s not as often that you find a short film which creates such a profound impact, it immerses you into its virtual world.

In other words, for that 5-10 minutes of runtime, you are detached from reality.


Today, I found one such film, titled Say Goodbye.

Now, the plot is pretty typical; Boy and Girl grew up together to become the best of friends, they know every detail about each other, and they love spending time together.


However, as the saying goes, good times don’t last forever.

Fast forward to the present day. Boy and Girl sitting together at the airport. Boy is travelling abroad and will not be back for a very long time. Girl can’t bear to see him leave; she begins to question if he is more than just a friend to her.


What isn’t typical however, is the exceptional chemistry between the lead actor and actress, played by Malaysian Youtubers Dan Khoo and Sandra Tock. It makes the film so much more believable than many of the other love and relationship related short films.

You feel as if they are really enjoying one another’s company when they play a game of basketball together, and when they end up hugging each other in joy after watching Malaysia score a soccer goal on television. By ‘really’, I mean without the slightest hint that they’re acting in a production.



Rather, it feels like they are actual characters who just happened to be filmed. Like real best friends (who look like they’re more than friends) bidding each other a teary goodbye at the airport.

Both of them are so engrossed in their acting, it in turn sucked me into their world. I was taken on an emotional rollercoaster. Feeling happy for them as they recalled all the times that they had spent growing up together.


Indignant that none of them made the first move to take it beyond the friendship level, when there were subtle hints of feelings developing.


Upset about them soon being separated by miles apart, leaving little chance for their friendship to progress into something more.

Feeling shattered when Sandra hugged a reluctantly-leaving Dan from behind, asking tearfully: “How come we never got together?”



Their chemistry is so great that I found myself rooting for them as a couple, wanting them to be together. One defining feature of extraordinary short films is their ability to make viewers identify and empathise with the characters.

Maybe because they see a reflection of their own experiences, or because viewers are able to comprehend how it would feel if someone dear was leaving them for a long time.

I guess this sets the standard for future love stories. Excellent acting, outstanding chemistry and perfectly timed music. Now I really hope there will be a second part. (:


Watch this beautiful short film by Dan Khoo Productions and listen to it’s theme song of the same name, Say Goodbye below.

View on YouTube

View on YouTube


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