Falling in Love with a Friend- Unfold Part 1

Let’s say you have known your best friend for a really long time. Along the way, you realised that you developed feelings for him or her. Would you dare to confess your feelings to her, and risk sacrificing your friendship if it doesn’t work out? I wouldn’t. Maybe it’s just me, but I treasure my friendship too greatly to tell her. I’m sure many would agree that it is akin to playing a high-stakes game; on one hand, you want to take your relationship to the next level, but on the other hand, you stand to lose a great friend.

I would be content just to be able to spend time with her regularly, to always experience that little closeness between us, to be able to talk freely to her about everything under the sun. But what if someone else enters the picture? Could it possibly jeopardise even these little things that make me content?


Unfold- Part 1 is a story about an experience which many of us have been through- Falling in love with a good friend, and the dilemma of whether to confess our feelings for them. A YouTube short film by JinnyboyTV, it tells the story of Anne and Daniel, two close friends. Anne knows every detail about Daniel, including his favourite flavour of bubble tea down to the sugar and ice level. She has long hidden her feelings for Daniel, possibly for fear of rejection, preferring instead to maintain the status quo. But soon, Daniel begins liking someone new, and Anne is torn between wishing for her best friend’s happiness and pursuing her own.


One of the things that I love about this film is that it is in a way, relatable to many of our lives. Many of us have, or once had Daniels in our lives. Friends who became lovers. Or sadly, close friends whom we have lost forever because things just couldn’t work out. One dilemma remains though. Should we stake everything to tell them how we feel? Or should we just go with the flow, hoping that one day, our friendship will naturally transform into something more?


Unfold- Part 1 has a balanced mix of funny and emotional scenes, accompanied by varied, lighthearted music which really captured the mood of different scenes. Notably, it also oozes local flavour through the occasional use of Singlish. Somehow, that makes it even more relatable to me as the use of Singlish is commonplace in Singapore. (The video was filmed in Malaysia though) It also helps that the lead actors are relatively unknown in mainstream media. It makes the characters feel so much more real, like actual people whom we can empathise with.

20121218-001259.jpgA final note to all the short film lovers out there- JinnyboyTV is a very Asian YouTube production company which has filmed many beautiful and engaging short films. Can’t wait to share more of them with you (:

Catch this BiteSized beauty below.

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