Would You Kiss a Stranger Under the Mistletoe this Christmas?

Hey guys! Today I was on my usual procrastination routine, browsing through my favourite website for passing time. Anyway, I came across this pretty interesting video under the Trending section. I don’t know if you happen to be one of the 3.2 million people who have already watched this brand new clip by Stuart Edge, but if you aren’t, then read on!image

Mistletoe Kissing Plan tests the spontaneous reactions of people at an American university in the form of a seemingly innocent 5 question survey conducted by two fun loving “baits”- Kaitlin Snow and Nate Turley. Students are asked harmless, Christmas-related questions, such as “Do you drink eggnog?”, “Do you hang up Christmas decorations?” before being asked if they do the mistletoe tradition. Now, for those of you who live in a tropical country like me, at Christmas time, it is said that a girl standing under a ball of brightly decorated mistletoe cannot refused to be kissed by a guy. If the girl remained unkissed, she can expect not to marry the following year.
Many students say that they do, or that they would be willing to do it. Well, actions certainly speak louder than words! Before they realise it, a ball of mistletoe appears right in front of their eyes, and we get to see if they really do kiss under the mistletoe. Some of their reactions ARE priceless. There was this girl who said that she didn’t do the tradition, but she would if she had some mistletoe. Be careful what you wish for, Girl. The mistletoe appears out of nowhere and she totally LOLed and went “You sneaky man! Clever, but sneaky!” before opting for a peck on his cheek. It is heartening to see that many people were game and played along, the young women kissing the male “bait’s” mouth to mouth and the men kissing the female “bait” without hesitation.
This video has a refreshing feel. Somehow when millions of people witness two young people kissing under the mistletoe through the marvellous broadcasting capability of YouTube, it may actually help to bring this tradition back to life. I bet there will be many more couples smooching under the mistletoe this Christmas. It’s amazing how open minded Americans are, though. Being able to kiss a stranger mouth-to-mouth is an act that is not going to happen in Singapore anytime soon. I live in a conservative Asian society, where even hugging a stranger is not exactly considered normal. If it were, the Free Hugs Campaign would be a common sight on our streets.
That being said however, it’s nice to know about Western traditions. And it’s really cute too. Maybe one day, I shall try too (: Looking forward to more great, tongue-in-cheek videos by Stuart Edge. Merry Christmas to you all!

Catch this BiteSized darling below.

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